The Legendary Manitowoc the Halfling Rogue


Alignment: LG AC: 22 HP: 23 Str: 9 Dex: 17 Con: 8 Int: 13 Wis: 18 Cha: 16

Weaponry: +1 Longsword (+4 vs reptiles) Vorpal dagger Shortsword +3 sling Manty’s Enchanted Heirloom Dagger +2h/+3d A mithril dagger honed to a fine edge. The hilt is wrapped with leather to to hide an ancient mark identifying the blade’s original owner.


Manty, as he is known to his friends, was born on the world of Fivtoria. He died a quick death to the bite of a vampire while skulking in the shadows and generally looking for trouble (needless to say he found it). A ranger happened upon the assault, drove off the vampire and took Manty’s body to a temple to Athena. The temple clerics raised Manty from the dead, but demanded that he turn away from chaos and become an agent of the law. While Manty grudgingly consented, not that he had much choice, he occasionally fell from grace and returned to his thieving ways.

Shortly after his revival, he had his first of many encounters with the temporal vortex that would haunt him for the rest of his life. The vortex wisked him off to another time and place, the Empire of Luap Zev. He quickly joined up with a band of adventurers and proceded to spread law and order, ostensibly under the auspices of the Emperor, throughout the land.

Eventually, the temporal vortex again caught up with Manty and carried him to Almebezbik where he has resided ever since. Manty participated in the battle versus Gresham the Golden where Gresham was lichified. The vortex bounced Manty forward through time on Almebezbik dropping him off for short stints where Manty continued his adventuring.

Finally, Manty settled into semi-retirement in Walton. He thought he had finally put the vortex behind him. He continued to work with the Thieves Guild, mostly as an emissary, where his wisdom, gained from years of adventuring and advancing age, and lawful tendencies inspired trust at the parlay table. When Manty wasn’t working for the guild, he founded an inn in Walton, married Zenda, a Halfling Bard, and raised a family.

Manty’s eldest son, Menominee (Men) married Marinette (Mary). Mary disapproved of Manty and Zenda’s adventures and insisted that Men settle into the inn keepers life. However, their eldest son Hurly, took after his grandparents and became a bard, much to his mother’s displeasure.

During the First Age of the Twelfth Cycle of Almebezbik, the Thieves Guild asked Manty to undertake one last mission. By this time, Manty had reached the advanced age of 164 years. Manty summoned a family meeting and suggests the family take a holiday from the Inn and visit Zenda’s family in Rebelton until the new year. Manty give’s Zenda his dagger for protection and sees his family off, telling them he will be along shortly.

The day after the family arrives at Rebelton, the ground quakes and a towering cloud of dust can be seen above the forest Tanglewood where Walton should be. Two days later, news reaches the halflings in Rebelton from a courier charged with delivering a chest by an “ancient halfling”. Walton and the entire mount it was built upon has collapsed. The chest is delivered to Zenda and is filled with gold. Atop the gold is a note from Manty suggesting to Zenda that Hurley should receive his dagger when the time is right. Manty has not been seen nor heard from since and most presume he perished in the cataclysm. Zenda pines for Manty and hold out hope that somehow Manty cheated death again and escaped from the cataclysm.


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